Expert Witness

Fellowship trained anesthesiologist. 25 years in active clinical practice. Yale-educated, Wake Forest-trained. United States Air Force veteran, Operation Iraqi Freedom. Air Force Commendation Medal. Extensive teaching experience. Magna Cum Laude graduate of BYU, Board of Trustee’s Scholarship, Dean’s List. Multiple Five Star Spirit Awards for Excellence, Baylor University Medical Center. Completed SEAK expert witness training. Trial and deposition experience.

Specialty: Anesthesiology

Specialty Focus: Special focus and expertise in difficult intubations, airway trauma, obstructive sleep apnea, intraoperative codes, code blue, CPR, cardiac arrest, hypoxia, and hypotension. Also experienced in anesthetic drug interactions and toxicities, patient positioning, intraoperative burn injury, central lines

Current Practice Includes: General Surgery, Head and Neck, ENT, GYN, Kidney Transplant, Plastic and Reconstructive, Vascular, Interventional Radiology, Bariatric, Robotic, Orthopedic.

Education: MD, Yale University School of Medicine; BS, Brigham Young University

Training: Anesthesia Residency and Cardiothoracic Anesthesia Fellowship at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, Winston-Salem, NC

Years in Practice: 20+

Number of Times Deposed/Testified in Last 5 Yrs: 5

Dr. Lundell enjoys teaching and explaining anesthesia concepts to patients, residents, and students of all levels He is the author of the Anesthesia Basics series–short textbooks that explain anesthesia concepts in simple, easy-to-read text written at the level of the intended audience–perioperative nurses or medical students and residents of other specialties.


Dear Dr. Lundell:

I have been doing this for close to a half-century and my practice has been focused in one way or another around health care for at least 90% of that time. I have taken or defended (literally) hundreds of physician depositions. You absolutely did one of the finest jobs I have ever seen. Trust me, [they] will be reporting to [their] clients that you were reasonable, thoughtful, informed, and prepared. Whether it is your training or (more likely) your makeup and nature, you come across as a person to be believed and trusted and that is all that could be asked of you. You conceded the things that needed to be conceded, you stuck to your guns on what you believe, you exhibited fairness and you spoke in words and phrases that can be understood. In short, I feel very fortunate that we found our way to you and I wanted to thank you, for us and for [our clients], while that deposition is still fresh in my mind.


Thomas E. Johnson
Attorney at Law