Anesthesia Basics for…
Medical Students and Resident Rotators

Unlike the typical introductory textbook, Anesthesia Basics for Medical Students and Resident Rotators can be read in a single afternoon. Covering many of the same topics as Dr. Lundell’s earlier book, this text has updates and expanded information targeted specifically for students and residents on a brief anesthesia rotation. While Anesthesia Basics for Medical Students and Resident Rotators is not a “tips and tricks” book to help you ace your rotation, mastering the material in it will not only ensure you do well on your rotation, but will provide insight and experience that will help you and your patients in all anesthesia-related interactions in the future.

Student, resident or attending, rotator or not—anyone involved in medicine who has a desire to learn more about anesthesia will benefit from this book. It is a useful introduction to the specialty and a good way to gain familiarity with the practice of anesthesia without drowning in the details or excessive over-simplification.

Anesthesia Basics for…
Perioperative Nurses

Are you a perioperative nurse? Do you ever wonder what exactly happens once the patient goes to the OR? Or wish you knew how or why the anesthesiologist chose a particular technique, block or monitor? Look no further. In a refreshingly relaxed way, Dr. Lundell explains the fundamentals of sedation, regional and general anesthesia. Follow him through the pre-op interview, induction of anesthesia, and intubation. Spend an afternoon learning some of the hows and whys of anesthesia. Learn about intraoperative monitors, fluid management, OR ventilators and more. Before you realize it, you will have read the entire book and had a peek behind the ether screen.